Self-Defense : A Need for all

Self-defense is not only our right, it's our duty. ( Ronald Reagan )                         

Have a look at the date. 

We are living in a ruthless world of the 21st century, where no one is safe. No one can protect us every time, it's only you who stays with you forever and only you can protect yourself. 

How to protect yourself


Self-defense is the ability of the body and mind to protect yourself from external harm and it's the most important art to learn in today's era. Data depicts that in 2020, about 28000 incidents were of rape. It was a disastrous pandemic going on in 2020 and still, 28000 rape cases appeared. You can imagine how brutal our society is.  


Everyone knows the importance of self-defense, but only a few of us do try to learn self-defense. One must have to understand that problems never knock on your door, it always appears unexpectedly. Although, I pray no one of us faces this type of situation but one must have to be ready for facing problems. It is a fact that the physical strength of girls is relatively less than that of boys, but why make that inborn weakness, a lifetime weakness?. One should overcome that weakness by learning self-defense. 


Most of us do love social media and many do use it regularly. then why not use it in a good way? There are various pages on Instagram, various channels on Youtube which do teach self-defense and never demand anything in return except your time, moreover, it's not a hard task to give 30 minutes a day to someone who can save our life.  

           Under Blackstone's view, or the social theory of self-defense, the rights of the defender are constrained by acknowledging the interests of society; self-defense is only legitimate when it promotes social welfare. 


  TIPS FOR YOU :      

Although I am not any professional, there are some vulnerable areas where you can strike while self-defense.

EYESEye gouging is an effective technique during self-defense. Eye-gouging is the act of pressing eyes using fingers. Eye gouging involves a very high risk of eye injury and helps to save yourself.

NOSE: Nose attack is also another effective technique during self-defense. Aim to strike just under the nostrils and continue the movement up into the attacker's head.

GROIN: If someone is coming at you, a groin kick may deliver enough force to paralyze your attacker, making your escape possible. 

NECK: If the attacker came from behind and hold you. then just bend down a bit for making a space for yourself and then from your right elbow hit his right side of your neck and from the left elbow hit his left side of your neck and then free yourself and hit his groin

Neck punch, groin kick


It's a bitter truth that we have to make our girls more cautious about their life than stop our boys to do these types of stupid things. Various ads, websites, and half knowledge are the main reasons for these types of activities. Girls are being used as a doll for various promotional ads to influence boys which must be banned. 

It's our right to protect ourselves and self-defense is one of the keys to doing that. It's stupidity to become helpless during such a situation, one should be wise and should learn self-defense. Our Life is precious and it's in our hands to protect it. STAY SAFE

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