What is Omicron? How to protect ourself?

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Coronavirus has already stressed and messed up the life of the world and a new virus have been found in south-Africa and scientist has named it OMICRON. The research is being continued and new and new facts are being discovered, on the other hand, the scientist has claimed that the new variant is a serious threat and should not be taken lightly.


OMICRON: A Variant of concern is the World Health Organization’s top category of worrying Covid variants. According to a report and health experts, two of these mutations R203K and G204R- help the virus to replicate faster also three of these mutations- H655Y, N679K, and P681H- help it to sneak into the body’s cells more easily, they clarified. The presence of the last two mutations together, a rare occurrence, also indicates omicron is more resistant to vaccines.

Further Facts:

WHO’s initial information on the variant is concerning for several reasons. The new variant:
  • Has a large number of mutations, reportedly around 50 in total and 30 on the virus’s spike protein. 
  • Maybe more transmissible than previous strains. 
  • May come with an increased risk of reinfection, according to WHO.


The new variant has sent the market into a spiral and led some counties to again impose global travel restrictions.
  • The U.S.A has imposed a travel ban on AFRICAN countries due to safety reasons.
  • JAPAN declared travelers have to be in 10 days of quarantine and have to go through 4 tests during the same.
  •  IRAN and BRAZIL will be banning travel flights from 6 African countries
  •  INDIA has ordered more rigorous screening and testing for travelers arriving from South Africa, Botswana, and Hong Kong.


For now, the advice boils down to what we have been hearing for months: People need to reduce their risk of exposure by wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and being vaccinated. The advice for Non vaccinated ones is that be vaccinated as soon as possible. Don’t neglect the instructions as we have already faced a disastrous phase of covid-19 and it should not happen now.

➤ New Facts will be updated here soon...

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