Ways to Increase your Website Traffic

Give your precious 10 minutes of life and you will not regret your decision. 

For how long are you guys doing blogging? 2 Months? 3 Months? or even some might be doing it for a year or two but still are not getting enough views as expected. Am doing blogging for the last 2 months and I have gained Nearly 40 thousand views in that period with users from Germany, the U.S.A, France, India, and many other countries as per GA Report.

But you might be seeking some tips to improve your blog traffic so here I am, will be providing you some personally used tricks to improve your blog traffic but before that read the following main points.

·       NICHE

Select Niche of the right kind. Do plan what kind of audience you want to target? The niche can be Education, Health, Technology, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, and many more. It depends on you which you want to go with.

·      CONTENT

Make sure your content is user-friendly and easy to read. It must be interesting enough so that users can share the content with their known ones. Use unique and plagiarism-free content.

Now Let’s come to the most Awaited Part. Where to share…


Instagram is another platform where your content must be shared. Periodically upload your content on Instagram and do use hashtags so that it may trend. Trending and recent hashtags must be used for the best experience.


Often, People disregard Pinterest as they think it’s useless. Well no! Never, Pinterest is one of those platforms from where you can even trend if your content is good. Do try Pinterest.


Quora is one of those mind refreshing platforms where one can share his/her knowledge. If you know how to engage an audience then you should use Quora as it may even work as a backlink provider.

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You can’t ignore Facebook in content sharing. Content sharing on Facebook is a must. Various groups provide you opportunities to interact with other bloggers to exchange your links. Try that.


Whatsapp can be categorized as another platform where one can share his/her articles/blog provided that one is having proper contacts there. Share the link on WhatsApp status and groups and if users liked your content, then they will definitely share it.


Telegram is a free platform for user interactivity. You can exchange your links with them either in groups or personally. Just search different groups in the search box and boom you are there in that. Share then but within the limit as your content can also be copied there. Do at your own risk.


You might have listened to this name but have you tried? No? Do try it once. Reddit is another sharing platform from where you can increase your social traffic.


Uploading your short content and then redirecting the link to your site is another way of increasing your traffic. Upload the best part of your content and then ask them to read more on your content by placing a redirect link to your site.

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Backlink insertion is another way of boosting your traffic. In this, you ask the owner of another site to insert a link of your site, on his site, which results in boosting your site’s Domain Authority (DA), and also it will increase your views if users click that link.


Guest post is the most famous way nowadays by which one can boost traffic. You have to publish your content on some other site related to the same niche and in return, you get traffic from that site but make sure the guest post you are writing is interesting and user-engaging.


One important way to boost your traffic is link insertion. Link insertion can help increase your traffic on all posts as it will redirect your users from one post to another and in return, you get user engagement on all your posts.


Another important way to boost your traffic and engage the new audience is a collaboration with someone else of the same niche and sharing each other’s content on social media platforms.


Twitter, the most trending name and famous for getting trending hashtags. Twitter can be used to attract the audience by using the tweets there with trending topics provided that your post is related to the same topic. One can also discover keywords from Twitter and write down the same in his blog.


Advertisement can be said as one of the paid forms in which the other party advertises your website on his site and you get traffic as it is one of the most effective ways. It can be in the form of a header Ad or can be footer Ad or even In-Post display Ad. Depending on your Budget.


Remember the above-given ways will result in Social traffic only, It will not lead to organic traffic. For the same, you have to write original + Trending content so that it can be ranked and you can get organic views by Google.

 Important Reminders: 

☞︎︎︎ Eye-Catchy titles must be used

☞︎︎︎ Hashtags shall be used while sharing

☞︎︎︎ Content must be interesting

☞︎︎︎ Make Interesting Display posts for Sharing content

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·If anyone knows any other technique, then let me know in the comment section with your website URL. The best one will be getting a surprise. (URL with Technique is acceptable, otherwise, the comment will be removed)

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