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Blogging Part 2


Good evening guys, so welcome back to the new post of our series for Bloggers - "Bloggers Special" this is going up as a basic guidance (Introduction to Blogging) for bloggers, where you will be taught the fundamentals of blogging. 


Blogging is how someone stocks his/her ideas, recommendations through text and images. Blogging being the most popular way of expressing thoughts is has high scopes from 2022 onwards.

Blogging guidance

BLOGGER: You might be thinking of how to start blogging, well Blogging can be started easily via Blogger if you are a beginner and just want to have some trials. 


The Blogger provides you a free platform where you can easily choose a domain name and after customization, you are good to go for publishing your posts. 


But, if it was so easy and profitable then why could WORD-PRESS even exist? BLOGGER platform is free to use and does provide hosting for Free but there are a lot of restrictions and limited features on Blogger, that restrict your blogging for sure. 


WORD-PRESS: One of the most known names in website making, lay out unlimited features in blogging that can assist you to become a successful blogger. 


The handiest downside of Word-Press is that it doesn't provide you Hosting with it but we are here for that also, BYTEISTIC has come up with exciting plans where you can buy hosting at the cheapest price possible, feasible with reliability and quickest customer support. 


If you are doubting how so low? the owner of BYTEISTIC, is having a view to assisting new bloggers for providing affordable and reliable services by providing a bare minimum margin of profit.


Word-press, also ensures, fast AdSense approval, high ranking, and countless themes with plugins that can be customized well to make a hit website for yourself, not only this, it also aids you in making your content SEO-friendly and those countless features makes your content the best.


Back to the topic, Now if you want to compare Blogger and Word-press, I would prefer both, depending on the situation, 


If you are having a good amount of money, then you can start Blogging with Word-press provided you are also having long-term plans to work on, 


But on the other side of the coin, if you are not in a mood of initial investment, then you can go with Blogger where you will be charged nothing but your scopes restricts.


Blogger is free and word-press is paid but for you, BYTEISTIC makes it cost-efficient to provide you hosting & domain at the best affordable and reliable rates. Based on AdSense Approval, The word-press provides you high chances of AdSense approval whereas Blogger makes it a chunk tough to get AdSense approval. 


If you are worrying about Domain, then don't worry, We will be coming up with notifications of '.in' '.com' and even '.xyz' domain giveaway very soon. 


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All want to earn money and blogging furnishes you with countless ways to earn money if you grew well in blogging. Blogging Provides you earning ways through:


1. AdSense: AdSense is the primary and most prominent way of earning where one will be paid by Google AdSense for displaying the ads on the website. The payout is quite well if you have gained enough organic views.


2. Promotions: Promotion is another way of earning through Blogging, where you are contacted by various clients who are in seek of promotion and you are paid for doing promotion of their products on your site.


3. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is growing as the best way to earn money where you promote your affiliate link and if someone buys the product through your referral link, then you are paid a commission for that monetary, gift, or can be given a great discount. 


The commission may differ, depending on company terms and conditions.


4. Sponsorships: Well, if you grew well on Blogger, then it does open the door of sponsorships as well, where you are sponsored by various companies for your Face-value or goodwill. 


The sponsorship amount maybe also in lakhs if you become a renowned personality.


If you are not satisfied with these many ways, then for you guys let me put a light on other ways as well:


5. Content Writing: If you are penning down your content of your own then it means, you are good in content writing as well, and content writing does open the door of earning where you will be paid for writing the content of clients.


6. Customization: During Blogging, you will get a good command over website customization and you can also give customization services to your clients and in return, they will pay you for that.


7. Backlinks & Guest-posts: If you got good traffic and high domain authority, then people do pay you for backlinks and Guest-posts as well. 


Backlinks include the insertion of someone's else site's link on your website and guest posting means when someone publishes their content on your site with a hyperlink inserted in it.


These all points are so vast that they contain plenty of ways to earn money Promotion includes: Website promotion, Profile promotion, product promotion, services promotion, channel promotion, and many more. 


Affiliate marketing can be done through hosting services, domain services, kitchen appliances, make-up items, shoes, clothes, and many more. 





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