Content Writers: Get to Know Your Profession


This post is being specially written for CONTENT WRITERS. 

Professionalism is increasing gradually and people are getting focused on freelancing or even joining some private companies to get independent of working environment of a formal company.

Content writing is one such profession that has been booming nowadays. Content writing is one such profession that has been booming nowadays.

We all know that not everyone is having a good command on English Language and writing skills. So, here comes the job of content writer. 

Content writing can be of different types. 

It can be either writing an article for some website owners or it can be describing product details, any biography and many more….


Content writing is the skill of penning your thoughts down on a piece of paper electronically or physically provided that the skills must be unique and extraordinary. 

You must think out of the box in order to get successful in this field. Creativity, Research, Uniqueness, SEO knowledge, Punctuality, and loads of other skills are tested together here.

How one gets Paid?

Content writers are paid for this work with a good amount depending on their skills and experience. One can also earn 2 INR/w or one can even be forced to accept 5-10ppw. (PPW = Paisa per word). 

In a Job, it’s paid as per contract but in freelancing it solely depends on you and on the person for whom you are writing. 

You can ask for some amount in advance or can trust the other person and ask for payment after deliver, All depends on you guys. 

Platforms for finding Job

Well, there are various platforms on which one can find jobs as a content writer but here are some specific ones where on the basis of your talent you can definitely get some clients on daily basis or even for the long term.

FIVVER.COM is a websites that  promote freelancing and help you with working  for multinationals and even individual startups.

Social Media platforms like Telegram and Facebook are the greatest asset where there are millions of website creators who are in search of content writers in order to get their content ready.

Middlemen Client's

(This is not a topic talked about clearly;)

But it is extremely important for the beginners as there is high chance of being over exploited in this field. 

The middlemen in this business too take away the most profit and pay actual writers in pennies. 

We would suggest you to never take any work for below 20 PPW, no matter how inexperienced you are. 

Instead you can connect to other content writers and try to hone your skills.

How to write content efficiently

DOs and DONTs

1- Don't Plagiarise

2. Submit within Time frame

3. Don't send Fake samples

4. If you won't be able to manage the work then clearly tell the client at the earliest

5. Don't come in this industry being desperate for money because you will be taken advantage of by the clients and you should thoroughly research about content writing and it's basics before entering.

6. While applying also mention your experience and why you are the best fit for that work.


One problem with content writers is that they restrict their scope. 

They practice the same things again and again, well it’s good but also, you should read novels, 

latest articles and observe writing style of different people and try to learn a bit from everyone and implement it in developing your skills.




The sole purpose for writing this article is this paragraph only. I have been seeing various frauds going on nowadays. 

The client asks for the article and doesn’t pay the amount afterward. So, In order to guide you here are some tips for you:-

1- Always Ask for Some Amount in ADVANCE

2- Do ask for a Verification document like an Aadhar card / Contact No. or other details

3- Whenever sending your article, do send it half, and blur the rest of the portion and send the real one after full payment.



Jarvis AI is a content creator tool, which with the help of Artificial Intelligence, automatically writes your content with 100% uniqueness and with 5x speed. 

Although it's Paid software but it is also sometimes be given by some people for free. Do you want it? Fill this form and let me know if interested.  


It's a free website on google which do signify that your content is plagiarism-free or not. 

In case there is plagiarism in your content then with the help of AI, It rewrites your content to make it plagiarism-free at its best.


Word document is the most commonly used platform for writing content but it also provides some inbuilt features where you can find synonyms of the selected word which can fit that line for making it more interesting. 

Just select the word and right-click, there you will find an option of SYNONYMS. choose the best suitable one then. 


Grammarly: The name itself defines its meaning but with that, it provides various other services like plagiarism check, sentence formation, and many more, although it's paid but its free version is also an asset for beginners. 

( You will be helped to find Grammarly's paid version in cheapest If you have filled the form given above ). 

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Well, Content writing is not a cakewalk  nor it’s rocket science, all it depends on personal skills and abilities. 

An article can be a Childs play for you but the same can be too challenging for me or vice-versa. 

Content writing is a good career but only if you have patience, courage, dedication, and skills and you can develop them by buying our Content Writing ebook to be launched Soon.